Production & Technology

Our wide machinery park has been built to manufacture high quality moulds for the foundreis in automotive industry. Today, the knowledge and the experience gained over the years have transformed into a proactive business approach to which DCM Mould’s strategy and investments are made accordingly.

Production Solution Partners

CAM Softwares

Casting Trials

customers request to make the trials at their own foundry.
request, DCM Mould can perform casting trials with its specialized
in Turkey.

During trials, we can use high vacuum, jet cooling and squeeze pin
on our moulds as our suppliershave those auxiliaries. After
, we are also able to provide Thermal Analysis, XRay and Full
Measurement reports if needed.

By the support of our experienced organization, Moulds which are designed
manufactured by DCM Mould, can be delivered on time with desired

Measurement & Quality Control

To follow up our mould performance, we carry out measurements on both the moulds and the casting trial parts using various control equipment and methods;

  • Measurement control parallel to CAD data
  • Hardness test after thermal processing
  • Optical Measurement (GOM – Atos 5)
  • X-Ray CT inspection after casting trials for porosity testing

Moreover, DCM embodies a first sample laboratory dedicated to casting trials